New MARC Arbitration Rules - Public Consultation Process

Public Consultation on Proposed New MARC Arbitration Rules

23 Feb 2018
New MARC Arbitration Rules - Public Consultation Process

MARC is pleased to announce that it is launching a public consultation on a proposal for new Administered Arbitration Rules in replacement of the 2014 MARC Arbitration Rules currently in force.

While the 2014 Rules have been working well, as evidenced by the growing number of arbitrations brought under the MARC Arbitration Rules since 2014, it was felt that a number of changes would be well received, in the light of the latest arbitration developments, in Mauritius and globally.

In this context, an Ad Hoc Rules Committee was set up by Mr. Neil Kaplan QC, President of the MARC Court, last year to work on a new set of arbitration rules for MARC.

The proposed MARC Arbitration Rules will contain a number of new features that have already made their mark in several jurisdictions worldwide, namely emergency arbitrator procedure, expedited procedure, joinder of additional parties and consolidation of arbitrations. In addition, novel features such a blind appointment of arbitrators, optional appeal procedure, and summary dismissal of claims and defences are also being introduced.

The major amendments being introduced in the new Rules are outlined here. Please click here for a full draft of the new Rules.

Users are invited to submit comments on the proposed Rules to by 14 March 2018.


MARC Rules Committee - Members

Ms. Cheng-Yee Khong (Chair)

Dr. Jalal El Ahdab

Mrs. Anjana Khemraz

Dr. Jamsheed Peeroo

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