Our Arbitration Services

Our Arbitration Services

Our Rules

The MARC Arbitration Rules provide for a flexible, speedy and efficient procedure for resolving all commercial or economic disputes of a national or international nature through arbitration. Parties to a dispute shall be bound by the provisions of the present Rules either by signing an arbitration agreement which contains a clause nominating MARC as the arbitration institution or by voluntary adherence to these Rules after occurrence of the dispute through the signature of a “compromis d’arbitrage” appointing MARC as the arbitration institution.
Click here to download a copy of the MARC Arbitration Rules

MARC Internal Database of Arbitrators

The MARC Internal Database of Arbitrators consists of arbitrators from Mauritius and abroad. The aim of the Database is to provide the MARC Secretariat with a searchable database. To register for inclusion on the MARC Internal Database of Arbitrators, please click here. Please kindly note that registration on the Database is for information purpose only; it does not guarantee appointment as an arbitrator and does not entitle to any qualification as 'MARC Arbitrator'.

Arbitration Fees

Please contact the MARC Permanent Secretariat for information on the Schedule of Arbitration Costs.

Code of Ethics for ArbitratorsThe MARC Rules of Ethics for Arbitrators provide ethical guidelines for the MARC Arbitrator so that he or she conducts his or her arbitrator's mission efficiently, observing the principles of fairness, neutrality, and confidentiality

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