Vision, Mission, Values

Vision, Mission, Values

MARC has been established by the MCCI under the firm belief that alternative modes of dispute resolution such as arbitration and mediation are more supportive of the business community, and more conducive to harmonious and productive business relationships than litigation; therefore ADR contributes to trade, investment and economic development. The MCCI believes in equipping stakeholders of the business community with the tools and means whereby they can resolve their conflicts more smoothly.

  • Vision

    To serve the business community of Mauritius and other nations worldwide by providing efficient Alternative Dispute Resolution facilities and services.

  • Mission

    To help economic operators resolve their conflicts more smoothly, saving precious time and resources which they can put to more valuable use in productive activities leading to economic development.

  • Statement

    To be dedicated at providing efficient, economical and quality dispute-resolution services such as arbitration and mediation while achieving the highest satisfaction of users, employees and stakeholders.

  • Values

    Ethics, Responsibility, Accountability, Integrity and Excellence.

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