Our Partners

Our Partners

As the ADR arm of the MCCI, MARC has a regional and international outreach unmatched by any other institution. Its network includes 9000 Chambers of Commerce and Industry across the world as well as the most important ADR centers, namely the Centre de Mediation et d'Arbitrage de Paris, the Australian Center for International Commercial Arbitration, the Indian Council of Arbitration and the Arbitration Foundation of South Africa, the International Center for Dispute Resolution, the Hong Kong International Arbitration Center, the Kigali International Arbitration Center, the Singapore International Mediation Center, the German Institute of Arbitration. The complete list of centers with which MARC has a partnership agreement can be downloaded here.

It participates actively in the national and regional development of ADR methods in collaboration with regional organisations such as the Indian Ocean Commission and the Union of Chambers of Commerce and Industry of the Indian Ocean Islands. Through its Commission for Strategy and Development, it also strives for excellence in the field of ADR through continuous consultation work with the legal and business community of Mauritius and of foreign country partners.

Inter-Island Dispute Resolution Framework - Business Bridge Océan Indien

MARC has also signed a Cooperation Charter in 2013 with the ADR centers/Chambers of Commerce of Reunion, Madagascar, Comoros, in view of joining efforts for developing a common dispute resolution platform for inter-island commercial disputes.

The Charter marked the beginning of a collaboration in view of

  • promoting cooperation among the IO islands for better resolution of transborder economic and commercial disputes, through an integrated and inclusive approach elaborating a joint communication strategy to promote ADR in the IO Region
  • promoting and developing mediation and arbitration, through elaborating specific procedures, codes of ethics and rules.
  • sharing best-practices and common projects


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