Organisation Structure

Organisation Structure

MARC Court

The MARC Court is operational since 2 October 2017 as per the 2017 Amendment to the 2014 MARC Arbitration Rules. Its tasks include prima facie decisions on MARC's jurisdiction to accept a case, decisions as to the number or designation of arbitrator(s) in the absence of agreement between the parties, decisions on challenges raised against arbitrators and decisions on other issues related to procedure.

The MARC Court is composed of 17 eminent experts in the field of arbitration and is currently headed by Mr Neil Kaplan QC. Members of the MARC Court can be viewed here.


MARC Advisory Board

The MARC Board is operational since 15 November 2017 and consists of sixteen internationally renowned experts in the field of arbitration. The Board is consulted on matters relating to MARC's development policies and best practices as well as on projects and initiatives to further the development of ADR methods as effective trade and business facilitation tools. Dr Jalal El Ahdab is the current chair of the MARC Advisory Board. Members of the MARC Advisory Board can be viewed here.


MARC Permanent Secretariat

The Permanent Secretariat of MARC ensures compliance with the MARC Internal Rules and the proper conduct of arbitration/mediation proceedings under the MARC Arbitration/Mediation Rules and MARC Code of Ethics for Arbitrators/Mediators. The MARC Permanent Secretariat is responsible for administrative and financial matters of MARC, and the promotion of Alternative Dispute Resolution methods in general through the organisation of training programmes, promotional events and activities, and through international cooperation with other ADR centers and stakeholders. The MARC Permanent Secretariat is led by its Registrar, Mr Alexis Merle.


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